"We'll Only Get Stronger!" Chelsea's Reece James Vows It'll Only Get Better After European Success

Reece James believes Chelsea will only get stronger following their Champions League final victory over Manchester City.

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  • Worldclass balla🙌🏾💙💙

    Grimy! Chef KeltekGrimy! Chef Keltek12 dager siden
  • Wtf.... At least give reece some time to remove sterling from his pocket

    Gavin PerryGavin Perry12 dager siden
  • his face is so americann 🤣

    kLkL15 dager siden
  • Euros here we come! Great player. Otumfour Kojo Agyemang

    ChinyScents ForYouChinyScents ForYou15 dager siden
  • Top baller

    Tony kiprutoTony kipruto16 dager siden
  • Sterling jumped in Reeces pocket in the hopes that he could be snuck to Euros with him. Only reason he should get on a pitch in the summer

    ondankondank16 dager siden
  • Why does he sounds like that 😂😂😂

    Rasaq OniguguruRasaq Oniguguru16 dager siden
  • Him voice don't match up at all

    Chevon WilliamsChevon Williams17 dager siden
  • Who's likely leaving the squad though?

    Olivia BrightOlivia Bright17 dager siden
  • First time hearing his voice

    hattorihanzohattorihanzo17 dager siden
  • Chase the prem next season 🏆

    SiSi17 dager siden
  • These interviews ask some dumb questions

    Tyler AdamsTyler Adams17 dager siden
  • Adorable

    Nabs giloNabs gilo17 dager siden
  • Very impressive young man, both on and off the pitch.

    david Piercedavid Pierce18 dager siden
  • Empty out the British sterling from your pocket lad!!

    Python PPython P18 dager siden

    Shayan DeyShayan Dey18 dager siden

    ZaaL The GreatZaaL The Great18 dager siden
  • James is a very good player. He is very underrated. He deserves more likes.

    Football 254Football 25418 dager siden
  • Oh boi this will not age well

    Brandeeno28Brandeeno2818 dager siden
  • Missing person‼️ Name: raheem sterling Looks: dinosaur arms Characteristic: diver Reports are saying he is still in reece james pocket pls return him back to Manchester

    Red MistRed Mist18 dager siden
  • New haircut R James enter SONGOKU Mode

    Eko Ahmad SamosirEko Ahmad Samosir18 dager siden
  • Reece bought the drinks with the pound Sterling in his pocket

    daahk maahkdaahk maahk18 dager siden
  • Academy product became master today. Boy done good.

    Will PowerWill Power18 dager siden
  • Bro the match is over let sterling go

    Dhyanam Shah 2012Dhyanam Shah 201218 dager siden
  • World class

    kyle bridgettkyle bridgett18 dager siden
  • The interviewer sounds like Borat hahah

    boudewijn welkzijnboudewijn welkzijn18 dager siden
  • My man😇

    Rambeiseia ChhangteRambeiseia Chhangte18 dager siden
  • This guy is an absolute Animal , beast , what a rampant wing back !

    Peter MoazzaniPeter Moazzani18 dager siden
  • why does he sound South African?

    Chatter BaitChatter Bait18 dager siden
  • Ofc your will get better when your club spend 300m per window

    MikkaMikka18 dager siden
  • 0:31 Reece throwing Sterling out of his pocket so that he bottles another UCL final and Gets pocketed by another defender.

    Swapnesh MitraSwapnesh Mitra19 dager siden
  • He's massive for his age!

    Griff GriffithsGriff Griffiths19 dager siden
  • His spot in euros secured

    Thir13eenThir13een19 dager siden
  • He is always serious and not smiling anyhow

    Richard DadzieRichard Dadzie19 dager siden
  • Never heard James speak & I've been a fan for half a year

    NoEffort InFactNoEffort InFact19 dager siden
  • What a beautiful, sophisticated, and polite voice this man has. Well spoken

    Arko BiswasArko Biswas19 dager siden
  • mount, ben chilwel, race jeam is uk

    đông tuấnđông tuấn19 dager siden
  • Mikel arteta interviews Reece James

    Manashwi KarmakarManashwi Karmakar19 dager siden
  • Such a good performance from him

    Connor BaldwinConnor Baldwin19 dager siden
  • beast with soft voice

    ranimekaranimeka19 dager siden
  • The troubled butter expectedly paddle because repair aditionally whisper versus a workable mascara. zippy, ratty subway

    John StaeJohn Stae19 dager siden
  • 0:32 - Reece emptying Sterling from his pocket.

    MUN 11MUN 1119 dager siden
  • We will get a bigger and stronger bus next time

    The UltimateThe Ultimate19 dager siden
  • 🐐

    paid boympaid boym19 dager siden
  • Southgate hasn't got a clue how to use these players.

    Robert MartinRobert Martin19 dager siden
  • Reece James had Sterling in his back pocket love him ❤️

    Barry BizarreBarry Bizarre19 dager siden
    • They don't have back pockets

      The UltimateThe Ultimate19 dager siden
  • He locked sterling like a puppy 🤣🤣🤣

    Tiger TerryTiger Terry19 dager siden
  • Biggest credit to Lampard for shining light that youngsters are the way forward for Chelsea. He might have lacked coaching skills coz he only just started but his vision was pure. Tuchel had a great foundation to work and build on and boy he did an amazing job instilling belief and trust in every player for their performance since he came over. From now it should be in mind that all the other players like Tammy, CHO, Anjorin, Kepa, Emerson should all be made to stay and older players be given a great farewell because these youngsters do deserve game times for their trust and belief to stay with us even though the struggle for minutes continue. Let's pay their patience!! Olivier Giroud adds to his tally of medals. Great professional!!

    Yogend SharmaYogend Sharma19 dager siden
  • Ο reporter ειναι ελληνας 1000%

    GiorgosNktGiorgosNkt19 dager siden
  • What a player

    Jacob DobbinsJacob Dobbins19 dager siden
  • He was excellent . Well played Reece !

    peacetrainpeacetrain19 dager siden
  • He is a tank. The way he captured Sterling after Edisons longball shows how much power and pace this young Mr James has. 💙💪🏆👋

    Joakim LindholmJoakim Lindholm19 dager siden
  • Congratulation James👍

    singgah jantan singgah jantansinggah jantan singgah jantan19 dager siden
  • I’d never heard him speak before, this wasn’t the voice I expected idk

    andy ashworthandy ashworth19 dager siden
  • Better than trent....

    Fat Thomas The Tactical MastermindFat Thomas The Tactical Mastermind19 dager siden
  • Nice hair cut bro.. congrats and see u soon at the EURO2020

    Bernard DarlingtonBernard Darlington19 dager siden
  • He sounds so different to what I thought he would sound like

    Sermad ZSermad Z19 dager siden
  • reeceee is such a humble lad

    jennifer hermawanjennifer hermawan19 dager siden
  • Very well spoken but why does he sound like a foreign player trying to speak English 😂💙

    FFFFFF19 dager siden
  • I doubt that

    mohamed aminmohamed amin19 dager siden
  • ?

    ClässÿÿClässÿÿ19 dager siden
  • What a player !!! He is a great defender !!! I'm 100% sure that the interviewer is Greek and he is working for CsmoteTv.

    Theo_KTheo_K20 dager siden
  • Fantastic young player

    Zé GomesZé Gomes20 dager siden
  • They grew into Men now 💪🏽

    Lez_smk kgatleLez_smk kgatle20 dager siden
  • Reporter is greek. I just know it.😂😂 Που είστε ρεμάλια??😂😂

    Axelandros o megasAxelandros o megas20 dager siden
  • As a Chelsea fan, I hope it gets better. Di Matteo won it in 2012 and was sacked November 2012 because it didn't get better. So we hope it gets better.

    Tim NtimTim Ntim20 dager siden
  • Reece’s performance was outstanding yesterday, hope Southgate picks him

    Chump PlayzChump Playz20 dager siden
  • Just played himself easily into the Euro's squad and even the starting 11, he was class the other night!!

    Mark StewartMark Stewart20 dager siden
  • He looks like a lit cigar

    kid presentablekid presentable20 dager siden
  • Chelseaaaa

    Mr EmengMr Emeng20 dager siden
  • Hes only 21... scary

    John SolaresJohn Solares20 dager siden
  • Winning the champions league when there was 95% of games without fans will be different from next year when footballs back to normal hopefully

    dre santorinidre santorini20 dager siden
  • Reece James is solid defensively he would be a world class CB if he played there.

    Carrington 89Carrington 8920 dager siden
  • My boy legit put the clamps on Sterling after those first couple of mins lol

    Santos RuedasSantos Ruedas20 dager siden
  • I just love this guy

    Emmanuel OkekeEmmanuel Okeke20 dager siden
  • James please dont forget to get sterling out of your pocket

    pandasRbpandasRb20 dager siden
  • Lampard must feel a right chump

    John RuddyJohn Ruddy20 dager siden
  • He rarely does interviews. Best RB in the world rn

    Aditya SharmaAditya Sharma20 dager siden
  • His voice omg it’s so light 😂😟😟😟 I didn’t know lolz 😂

    RNG-BananaツRNG-Bananaツ20 dager siden
  • Mate, he doesn't look to have this voice.. hahahah

    Il Capitano AlexandrIl Capitano Alexandr20 dager siden
  • Is he half asian?

    kinell188kinell18820 dager siden
  • I even love his voice

    daniel muyiwadaniel muyiwa20 dager siden
  • Bless him he permed his hair for the final 😂😂

    Ishmael HarrisIshmael Harris20 dager siden
  • Is sterling still in your pocket

    Ian HoldenIan Holden20 dager siden
  • Move Trent into midfield. This guy is the RB to go with for England. Greetings from Germany :)

    bjarnoobbjarnoob20 dager siden
  • Absolute beast in the RWB position.

    VincentVincent20 dager siden
  • Sterling is gana be like wtf is wrong with u Reece

    Abdiweli JamaAbdiweli Jama20 dager siden
  • reece has a captain's mentality

    karthik balajikarthik balaji20 dager siden
  • Don't see his face again

    DMKMDMKM20 dager siden
  • 0:31 reece james throwing sterlings out of his pocket

    Angsa PemangsaAngsa Pemangsa20 dager siden
  • Finally these youngsters promoted from Chelsea Academy' to win the CL...

    PSYDUCK唸賽達克PSYDUCK唸賽達克20 dager siden
  • Yaya we'll see...

    Sudhansh DONGARESudhansh DONGARE20 dager siden
  • Lmao his voice

    Jimbo JimboJimbo Jimbo20 dager siden
  • His performance was Buzzing 🔥🔥🔥💙💙💙💯

    Bago BoyBago Boy20 dager siden
  • Bungul nang ini, muar aq mlht muha y, marigat banar

    Tew TewTew Tew20 dager siden

    Joe CardoJoe Cardo20 dager siden
  • We went to the same secondary school. Isleworth & syon school for boys in isleworth, west London. Well done mate 🔵🔵⭐️⭐️

    who is't loves burb'rry shouldst wend to heavenwho is't loves burb'rry shouldst wend to heaven20 dager siden
  • Ellinas dimiosiografos

    omerta_93 omerta_93omerta_93 omerta_9320 dager siden
  • Superb game from this man. Not with the highlights of Kante or Mount, but same performance.

    David NavaDavid Nava20 dager siden
  • what a performance from reice james

    surafel eyasusurafel eyasu20 dager siden