"We'll Come Back One Day Again!" Pep Guardiola Reacts To Man City's Champions League Heartbreak

Gracious in defeat, Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola reacts after his side is defeated in the Champions League final.

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  • pep its legend and awesome

    the last man standing Wesley Gibsonthe last man standing Wesley Gibson12 dager siden
  • Pep: Aight imma gonna splash another 200 mil on the team and try and win it next season....

    Ruud BoltzRuud Boltz15 dager siden
  • Smokes cigar "Don't look back in anger"

    Thomas HammondThomas Hammond16 dager siden
  • People criticizing about Peps tactics dont remember he had the balls to sell Ronaldhino, Eto, Zlatan and Deco all at once to build possibly the best team we ever witnessed, then came to the most difficult league in the world to win 3 Premierships in 4 years itself is unbelievable. This was a cat and mouse match a goal decided the result other than that theres nothing to it other than that brilliant performance by Kante

    Jeews SamJeews Sam16 dager siden
  • Even the line-up and tactics used against PSG if used can win u UCL but..

    Sneh SaxenaSneh Saxena17 dager siden
  • Pep is the best tactician that he sometimes overlooks a game. He should control his emotions.

    Aayush PaulAayush Paul17 dager siden
  • Come back one day again??? By your standards, winning it year in year out or even back to back is the strict minimum one would expect. Forget about leagues, those are not the top elite football, playing against talentless nobodies which make 90% of the league is no achievement. Loosing 3 times in a row to the same team proves your worth.

    Football Legends LiveFootball Legends Live18 dager siden
    • 90% of epl is talentless nobody? Stop it MU Liverpool and arsenal are already dead from their irrelevancy 😂

      Eavy EavyEavy Eavy16 dager siden
  • 귄도안이 수미에서 많이 서보고 선수 찾는 능력이 뛰어나서 혼자 홀딩으로 세웠다는데 이번시즌 1위할동안 귄도안이 득점 1위로 빡빡이 니가 말한 그 능력보다 메짤라 역할에서 더 빛나는걸 이미 증명이됬고 수미에선 이미 페르난지뉴랑 로드리가 충분히 잘하는걸 증명됬는데 결승이면 제발 이럴것같다 저럴것같다 ㅇㅈㄹ하지말고 그동안 증명된걸 바탕으로 그냥 잘해왔던거나 해라 빡빡이새끼야 챔스에서 아구에로랑 진첸코가 흘린 눈물은 빡빡이 너책임이야 구단최초 챔스우승에 고대하던 팬들의 실망도 문어대가리새끼 너책임이고 그 수많은 사람들이 어처구니 없는 전술에 몇번을 실망하고 울어야하냐 감독으로서 책임감이 없냐 진짜 결국 지고있는 후반 70분에 페르난지뉴 다시 넣은것도 지가 전술실패라는걸 알면서 바로 하프타임에 넣지않은건 또 그딴 자존심 때문이냐 ? 전술실패는 바로 인정하고 빨리 바꿔야지 나는 명장이니까 내전술로 이겨보겠다는 그딴 고집 존나역겹네 페르난지뉴 넣은 시점을 하프타임부터 앞당겼으면 경기는 달려졌을수도있었다 결국 문어빡빡이새끼 똥고집 하나 때문에 많은 팬들과 소속선수들만 피해본거다 이기적인 문어대가리년아

    Timo timoTimo timo18 dager siden
  • Pep loves praise he purposely does strange tactics so he gets the plaudits and he got what he deserved tbf

    Thomas McDonaghThomas McDonagh18 dager siden
  • I've lost all respect for this man. He is delusional and doesnt trust himself, hence, he is a horrible manager. Resign now from football...

    Kendall SewaliahKendall Sewaliah18 dager siden
    • Win 3/4 last epl, but sure keep ole and arteta Deluded has been club fan

      Eavy EavyEavy Eavy16 dager siden
  • I love this as a Man Utd supporter they completely lost to Chelsea and what did they say? City for the quadruple yeah right 😂

    Aa GhAa Gh18 dager siden
  • We got to the final i said it before im glad

    32wajid32wajid18 dager siden
  • Next time we will win by 2-0 😂 come on da chels!!!

    Castor TroyCastor Troy18 dager siden
  • Still laughing.

    Christ’s ChinChrist’s Chin18 dager siden
  • Pep summer plans Spend another billion.

    Makaveli out for justiceMakaveli out for justice18 dager siden
    • @Eavy Eavy United money is all self generated and from many years of success on and off the pitch. Sponsorships/stadium revenues. Not like City and PSG all oil money.

      Makaveli out for justiceMakaveli out for justice16 dager siden
    • Like MU?

      Eavy EavyEavy Eavy16 dager siden
  • If City won with those tactics, y'all would've said it was a pep masterclass. Well, I guess there's always something to say.

    John Izukanji PhiriJohn Izukanji Phiri18 dager siden
  • United were in the exact same position as city in 2009. League cup and premier league winners. Lose in the semi finals of the FA cup to a team that didn't win it in the final and then lose in the final of the champions league. So it's funny how quadruple was talked now but not back when United had the chance to do it

    Mohammed FaisalMohammed Faisal18 dager siden
  • Lol 😂

    Gonna JattGonna Jatt18 dager siden
  • Maybe. Maybe not.

    Thomas BayerThomas Bayer18 dager siden
  • Good manager now u feel the same way when we lost to madrid in the finals in 2018 and we got revenge and when next year so now u will be play harder when u in the finals and I believe u can make it to the finals and when it but u have know which team u should start when in a big finals like that

    LF GAMINGLF GAMING18 dager siden
  • This was a brilliant interview.

    Zukhanye MayZukhanye May19 dager siden
  • He looks like a beta male

    Curran SareenCurran Sareen19 dager siden
  • There is no doubt he is one of the best but i wonder will he be able to reach this level without all this money,alongwith his former clubs.

    Lalruatdika PachuauLalruatdika Pachuau19 dager siden
  • On fifa yeah hahahahahahhaa

    GoatYsL- LevelsGoatYsL- Levels19 dager siden
  • He’s a bluffer without money he’s just another manager

    Damian O' SullivanDamian O' Sullivan19 dager siden
    • Like ole and klop and Zidane? Yeah

      Eavy EavyEavy Eavy16 dager siden
  • Pep is a fraud who can't win CL without Messi

    Jack RonyJack Rony19 dager siden
  • Deserve to lose with the weird first eleven lineup and tactics. The game suppose to be more close but Chelsea outclass them everywhere

    Razaleigh WisemanRazaleigh Wiseman19 dager siden
  • Another £850 million and we can reach again Just to lose Bald fraud chequebook manager

    Cherisse MayersCherisse Mayers19 dager siden
  • This was by far worst game Guardiola ever coached in his life.First 11 made no sense at all to many of us who fallows football.

    mike bamburmike bambur19 dager siden
  • We will come back again definitely and win the whole trophies.youre always the best ❤️🥰😍😘

    Ranjan SharmaRanjan Sharma19 dager siden
  • “I did what is the best for the team” Mahn I love pep but... 🥲🥲

    Tariq AhmedTariq Ahmed19 dager siden

    M rashedM rashed19 dager siden
  • Besides Fernandinho and Rodri not starting, I was surprised Mahrez started and played the whole game. I have the feeling the people at Abu Dhabi had something to do with that!

    Patricio OrtizPatricio Ortiz19 dager siden
  • chelsea fan but i respect him

    Jacob zZzJacob zZz19 dager siden
  • Bahahahahahahaha!

    Chris ReillyChris Reilly19 dager siden
  • Pep coach barca with messi,xavi,iniesta. Coach munchen lol any coach will be winner league germany.😃 coach mc with money very big tranfer. Try coach to leicester,sevila,dormund ???? 😄

    Yudie VJLYudie VJL19 dager siden
  • How's the Quadruple going Pep?

    Go Humberto!Go Humberto!19 dager siden
  • They come back and will win the LDC !

    Arthur TREMETArthur TREMET19 dager siden
  • Pep No one will reach ur level.... U are legend..

    Per FOX ✅Per FOX ✅19 dager siden
  • L5

    Louuse EvansLouuse Evans19 dager siden
  • Playing no striker robbed De Bruyne of what he does best, assisting strikers

    eastpak2g6eastpak2g619 dager siden
  • We'll come back 1 day.......after we've brought every other slightly talented player and spent billions more!!!

    BADWOLF1874BADWOLF187419 dager siden
  • City would have done it, had it not been for Pep's.madness...

    John FernandesJohn Fernandes19 dager siden
  • The most overrated coach ever.

    Lucas MoreiraLucas Moreira19 dager siden
  • This big stupide in the world

  • Pep is not a great coach because he never took a team that needs rebuilding. Tuchel took Chelsea, Simeone took Athletico, Conte took Inter Milan among others. I would like to see him in a team on average budget and see what he does. But then I think that he is too afraid to do it.

    Hashley DallooHashley Dalloo19 dager siden
    • Pep took weak physical players like Xavi and Iniesta, Messi and turned them into giants. Only Guardiolas system can get the best out of these players. Any other manager or system will have Iniesta and Xavi waiting on the substitute bench. They would get smashed physically against players 2 times bigger. So the only way is keep the ball. Of course their qualities was vision and close ball control... they were little magicians. No other manager could have achieved it without the Cruyff formula Guardiola inhereted.

      Hugo MarxHugo Marx19 dager siden
  • Lavda come back 🤣

    ANKITANKIT19 dager siden
  • Imagine if he played Foden on the left and had Fernandinho at CDM. Don’t know if they would’ve won but they wouldn’t have been exploited so hard. Well played to Chelsea, the better team for the majority of the game but I wish City had won

    xD xDxD xD19 dager siden
  • 펩 정신승리 ㄷ

    •승재•승재19 dager siden
  • We shall overcome..haha

    Narzis AdventuresNarzis Adventures19 dager siden
  • Never is still too soon, Pep.

    MPMP20 dager siden
  • Maybe... he said.

    Jordan TamaiJordan Tamai20 dager siden
  • This is on Pep....he lost city the game before a ball was kicked....

    ariknightariknight20 dager siden
  • They will be stronger next season with Harry Kane

    Maurice FaulknerMaurice Faulkner20 dager siden
  • Pep is a fraud

    Donny Van De BeekDonny Van De Beek20 dager siden
  • Der kann ein schon leid tun 😂😂

    MemeSMasteRMemeSMasteR20 dager siden
  • Mourinho would never bottle a champions league finals

    jim collojim collo20 dager siden
  • 🤡🤡🤡

    Hùmañs PlànetHùmañs Plànet20 dager siden
  • Saw people criticising Pep as if they all won the UCL as managers. I trust Pep and we'll bounce back 💙💯

    DamnridgeDamnridge20 dager siden
  • I wish I was like Pep after my girl cheated on me 😂

    DamnridgeDamnridge20 dager siden
  • The problem city has is that their biggest superstar is their coach. This puts extra pressure on Pep to overthink the solutions. His players are not mentally extra strong fighters, so he thinks only certain tactical innovation can make it. If the gamble pays of the world would hail his tactical brilliance once again, if not well he does enough to keep the job. He vanquishes superstars by making everyone changeable and always relying on tactics either then improving players individually and making them believe that they can jump above their and deliver 110%. Tactics can be countered. As proven by Monaco, Lyon and now Chelsea, everyone can for one game, on the certain day overdeliver and match pep's game, while the players will not do a Tielemans and shoot from god knows where cause it's against the narrow gameplay that has to be executed to perfection. This team has 0 improvisation skills.

    LordRacing16LordRacing1620 dager siden
  • Unbelievable decision. How to handicap your side in every department in one move. No wonder Tuchel was laughing before the game, lucky it wasn’t 3 or 4

    mcfc7 777mcfc7 77720 dager siden
  • I m glad Chelsea won . Chelsea played with balls

  • I cant think of another worse sporting feeling than losing the champions league final.. Arsenal fan. Id swap the epl cup for a CL anyday of the week.

    kiralaison 01kiralaison 0120 dager siden
  • Fraud

    Manny RiberaManny Ribera20 dager siden
  • second half we were brilliant? excuse me? why playing without strikers? why? trying copy game with Lyon last year?

    Bogdan KobelenskiBogdan Kobelenski20 dager siden
  • never again Liverpool will be normal again

    Nedim RamicNedim Ramic20 dager siden
  • Pep is class ! but in the interview not the tactics

    Mohammed Nader محمد نادرMohammed Nader محمد نادر20 dager siden
  • Next final he plays without a goalkeeper

    MFieldHDMFieldHD20 dager siden
    • hahhahaha. he probs will do that.

      Sheron RoySheron Roy19 dager siden
  • pep should have played both rodri and fernandinho and aguero up front. why does he play kevin in false 9 , he is not messi, its like playing iniesta in false 9.

    Iron CrossIron Cross20 dager siden
  • People were expecting City to win but it was never a gimme. CDM aside, Sterling starting was unforgivable really but Chelsea didn’t create too much either. This is only the 2nd final Pep has lost in his entire career so he obviously knows what he’s doing, they’ll be back. Plus he won’t get too downbeat because he knows he’s judged unfairly compared to everyone else and they all want him to fail. He doesn’t do it often.

    thetifosi MSCthetifosi MSC20 dager siden
  • We will come back again to bottle it again

    Amitabh ShrivastavaAmitabh Shrivastava20 dager siden
  • He is just not made for the big stages.

    عباس سالم حمدعباس سالم حمد20 dager siden
  • They’ll be back... Once they’ve spent another £Billion

    Pearce GreatestEverLeftBack Knows BestPearce GreatestEverLeftBack Knows Best20 dager siden
  • Over 2mld € spent in players in 5-6years and still Pep can't win CL. Was easy with Messi Xavi Iniesta. Huge fail, and he seems doesn't even care, he get paid anyways.

    FiL 11FiL 1120 dager siden
  • 1%chance 99%faith

    Adhil muhammedAdhil muhammed20 dager siden
  • This man played 4 attacking midfielders and two wingers 😭.

    OplzITSCreezOplzITSCreez20 dager siden
  • Aguero on the bench wtf!!!!!

    Rob WRob W20 dager siden

      Ferhat KaratasliFerhat Karatasli19 dager siden
  • Armchair critics out in force. Pep top manager, humble man .....but .... City still can't win a Champions League. 🤣🤣 With the most expensive squad and best manager. Bottlejob CLUB. GGMU 😁

    The Trapped ChatterboxThe Trapped Chatterbox20 dager siden
  • Pep is overthinking, but I don't understand why his overthinking will always end up with Sterling in the starting lineup..

    Supa CopperSupa Copper20 dager siden
  • Seandainyaa pep guardiola juaraa bisa nyusul pep guardirman ngangkat piala hehee🤣🤭

    Muhammad RizalMuhammad Rizal20 dager siden
  • despite all the hatred comments to pep, i love how bold pep are. still fairly calm tho after losing, not forcing the whole situation. such strong man

    Re: ReReRe: ReRe20 dager siden
  • hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Ayd fhsAyd fhs20 dager siden
  • Come back to Barcelona

    Food ChallengerFood Challenger20 dager siden
  • His starting line up looked so obvious, his line up screamed "All out on Attack" lmaooo and look what happened, getting caught with a scrappy goal and couldn't able to create a single goal opportunity, Manchester city played as if it's their usual Premier League game, I expected dramatic final but when I saw City's starting eleven I was like "hmmm its an easy win for Chelsea."

    we r munichwe r munich20 dager siden
  • His voice is gone from shouting to instruct the tram. Big respect!

    aousaous65aousaous6520 dager siden
  • Pep: Brb have to spend 2 or 3 billion more before we are contenders

    Rohiel ShahRohiel Shah20 dager siden
  • Sterling is DOGSHIT and Rodri or Fernandinho should've started.

    Virat AnandVirat Anand20 dager siden
  • Pep Fraudiola 😂😂😂😂

    Andrew WaringAndrew Waring20 dager siden
  • But why do u do this to yourself pep? I wish i can know his thoughts while he’s choosing his line up for big ucl games!

    J 6J 620 dager siden
  • He should have played atleast Fernadinho or Rodri. Can't understand logic of playing KDB as striker

    hooliganhooligan20 dager siden
  • City never will win champions league ......with this one.....😂😂😂😂😂😂😂yeah ,,,u suck yourself coz u rich the final,with a billion billion pounds investment....

    Peter CzvingPeter Czving20 dager siden
  • No holding midfielder...cannot be part of Cruyff's legacy 😭😭😭

    Koh Teck HuatKoh Teck Huat20 dager siden
  • Maverick pep no fernandinho lol

    Spencer DSpencer D20 dager siden
  • I don’t understand why Pep played a formation we never tried in the UCL, & why he started Sterling, also, why didn’t Cancelo play, & Rodri should’ve started tbh. We needed a ST to start as well not just Midfields as an attack. It’s dumb. Bernardo & Mahrez need support. KDB is fine in the middle not ST.

    Javier GarciaJavier Garcia20 dager siden
  • Matchfixing. Pep got paid to lose. 100%

    Koos KansloosKoos Kansloos20 dager siden
  • The huge change Pep made was a result of his lacking confidence in winning the champions league. He tried to play it smart hoping for a miracle, however he would've done it easily with the usual tactics.

    lowzm2lowzm220 dager siden
  • Pep is totally overrated. Big mistake of him not playing Rodrigo. Unbelievavle

    mav12345341mav1234534120 dager siden
  • Pep just messed up with everything we needed a more defensive midfielder fernandinho was fit to start this match with Rodri and Aguero has the outstanding striker instead of messy Sterling.

    Charles OdhiamboCharles Odhiambo20 dager siden
  • There was time when ilkay gundogan was a know from being a top cdm for bdv. Even with all those attackers none could break Chelsea defensive. I think pep knew Chelsea will sit back and make it difficult for city to score

    HelloWorldHelloWorld20 dager siden