Rio Ferdinand Meets Phil Foden | Breaking through at Man City, facing England teammates, UCL dreams

Ahead of Saturday's all-English Champions League final, Phil Foden was the next man to sit down with Rio Ferdinand, and chat about his rise through the Manchester City ranks, not going out on loan, facing Reece James and Mason Mount, and his huge impact in this season's competition.

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  • It's scary to think Foden could go on to be a greater player than the greatest to do it for the club, David Silva. He's quicker, just as skillful, more of a goal threat, we are so lucky to have Phil.

    Renegade of FunkRenegade of Funk14 dager siden
  • .

    Phú TrầnPhú Trần14 dager siden
  • He inherited that composure and skill from his uncle. Rolo on Bridge Hall Estate in the 90’s was something to watch.

    Withered RoseWithered Rose16 dager siden
  • we are all different and we are all the same.

    Blue HeartBlue Heart19 dager siden
  • Another excellent interview following on from those with PG. Would love to see Rio meet up with Vincent Kompany for an in-depth interview on the player’s past, present and future.

    Phillip MillsPhillip Mills20 dager siden
  • 😂🤣😂

    MoJoHavokMoJoHavok20 dager siden
  • Mount is so clear

    Marco SardoMarco Sardo20 dager siden
  • Lead balloon this

    DELDEL21 dag siden
  • Foden and Sterling flopping again

    HUSHHUSH21 dag siden
  • Pep didn't say he was the most talented, he said 2nd to messi. Can't be right, he has coached Xavi and Iniesta.

    Lee WebsterLee Webster21 dag siden
  • Mason would’ve flourished under Pep. Ole is doesn’t understand football.

    TruthTruth21 dag siden
  • Does anyone else get a kinda Gerard vibe?... Personality wise I mean, In a really good way...Competitive. The Euros are gonna be interesting for England.

    The Great BeyondThe Great Beyond21 dag siden
  • I love u pho

    harrylovestorresharrylovestorres21 dag siden
  • Man city - One of the best managers in world football Chelsea - One of the best managers in world football Liverpool - One of the best managers in world football Everton - One of the best managers in world football Man United - ole at the wheeel

    Justice PrevailsJustice Prevails21 dag siden
  • He’ll score today

    Sabir AhmedSabir Ahmed21 dag siden
  • When is Rio meets John Terry coming out?

    Sexual Chocolate RobbieSexual Chocolate Robbie21 dag siden
  • He has a good head on his shoulders fair play to him..

    thailand smilethailand smile21 dag siden
  • What shoes are they wearing? Especially Rio? Anyone know?

    Average CommenterAverage Commenter21 dag siden
  • The most whitest road man of all time. This guys a straight wigger 🤣

    Darren PetcheyDarren Petchey22 dager siden
  • Huge fan of Phil Foden ..

    Aneep SanjivaAneep Sanjiva22 dager siden

    XXL ExtraXXL Extra22 dager siden
  • It’s good to hear that Phil and mason have so much respect for each other and get along so well. We need this chemistry for England

    oun7esoun7es22 dager siden
  • iam a lfc fan but phil foden is class player

    baz rielybaz riely22 dager siden
  • Phil the next messi

    Animu loversAnimu lovers22 dager siden
  • He can improve next season by getting a new haircut.

    G HG H22 dager siden
  • Phil ultra overhyped Foden, love British media....building it up for a huge fall as usual lol

    RayrulesohyeRayrulesohye22 dager siden
  • How can Nathan Ake even have audacity to celebrate.

    Patrick GracePatrick Grace22 dager siden
  • He's so humbly grounded unlike mount.

    Himanshu GudeHimanshu Gude22 dager siden
    • Mount literally went to Foden straight after the came to praise him, don’t tell me he isn’t humble and down-to-earth.

      Joe FulfordJoe Fulford20 dager siden
  • If United had won the Europa League and City the Champions league , Foden would've faced Mason and Reece James in the final and the Super Cup

    Maaz AhmedMaaz Ahmed22 dager siden
  • Great player but is his hair painted on?

    Adam FergusonAdam Ferguson22 dager siden
    • Lolll

      Rhea27Rhea2722 dager siden
  • The youngster have the bright future,should keep on believing in himself, still have a long way to go, should not be big headed if he is to be successful

    Denward KuzvindiwanaDenward Kuzvindiwana22 dager siden
  • Don't know how Phil coped. Rio is the worst. I feel sorry for his deceased wife who he cheated on whilst she was sick

    Micheal HarveyMicheal Harvey22 dager siden
  • Absolutely love this lad. Lives rounf the corner and never changed. That’s what’s so special about him. Forget talent, the lad is city through and through.

    Calum McManusCalum McManus22 dager siden
  • with Foden and Mount + Kane...... England are actually can win the World Cup & Euro

    onamionami22 dager siden
  • He deserve number 10 jersey for next season.....such a huge potential on him....and he's England player too....

    onamionami22 dager siden
  • It's so hard to believe that he's actually an English player 🤭🤦🏻🤣 he's actually had a spanish DNA......just look how the way he play..... can't wait to see how good him and Mount would be in the lucky England

    onamionami22 dager siden
  • Is he from Liverpool, his accent?

    Mo AwilMo Awil22 dager siden
  • The only difference is mason greenwood stuck with ole .. imagine if mason was with pep or klopp

    Dre MacDre Mac22 dager siden
  • good luck Phil & Manchester City!!!!!!!!!

    dwight coledwight cole22 dager siden
  • Overrated

    Jhoan Sebastián Mora GarcíaJhoan Sebastián Mora García22 dager siden
  • I wonder how he would perform in a team without world class players by his side like in city

    omkar kumaromkar kumar22 dager siden
  • those 41 people disliked this lad must be robotic humans how can u disliked him please subscribe to me I really need your help ❤🥂

    N'GOLO Kante loveN'GOLO Kante love22 dager siden
  • England left sided forward rankings IMO 1. Foden 2. Grealish 3. Sterling 4. Rashford

    providenameprovidename22 dager siden
  • if he scored tomorrow night I will get his shirt even as arsenal fan please subscribe to me I really need your help

    N'GOLO Kante loveN'GOLO Kante love22 dager siden
  • Foden is the most talented English footballer, and that's coming from a United fan. Bring on the Euro's.

    Ryan FRyan F22 dager siden
  • Hope to see him at Birmingham City someday

    Ama teursAma teurs22 dager siden
  • Been religiously watching and following England for 23 years now, I've never got excited about alot of hyped up players over the years, and sometimes rightly so.... but there is something about this guy, like he has something else. I hope he keeps improving, he can be amazing.

    Ama teursAma teurs22 dager siden
  • Gonna be one of England's greatest.

    STUART SimisterSTUART Simister22 dager siden
  • Wish we had a world class talent like him here in Holland. This guy is something special and will dominate for years. I have seen Messi and Ronaldo grow up. I'm not saying that he will get to that level, but he is surely along with Mbappe something special.

    omwu1omwu122 dager siden
  • The most Spanish English footballer I’ve ever seen

    RoadToDawnRoadToDawn22 dager siden
  • Phil Foden will only get better with every season and I hope him and Mount lead an era. But I'm a Chelsea fan so I don't want him to turn up in the final 😆

  • If Foden scores the winner in the UCL final, he will undoubtedly at the age of only 21, go down as a ManCity legend! Credit to him, for staying grounded and trusting Pep's player management. He could've followed the likes of Diaz, Sancho and pursued on an alternative process! Credit to Pep also for managing Foden exceptionally and the outcome has turned out to be the best possible result for both the player, club and England national team! Aswell as for football fans in General who will be treated to a special talent showcasing his art for the next decade+

    Original UnoriginalOriginal Unoriginal22 dager siden
  • He's a very very special player and a top guy- Chelsea fan.

  • Happy Birthday Phil!

    nufcshady 2000nufcshady 200022 dager siden
  • Rio Ferdinand is like the Will smith of football

    Emaad QureshiEmaad Qureshi22 dager siden
  • Too much pressure the media is putting on him. Let him be

    Helder AlmeidaHelder Almeida22 dager siden
  • He's truly a great young player but do not put too much pressure and hype on him yet.

    Dah🔥Dah🔥22 dager siden
  • The scary orange premenstrually whirl because company hopefully intend across a smoggy locket. fancy, learned pink

    Linda LindaLinda Linda22 dager siden
  • Chelsea going to win.

    Md ChowdhuryMd Chowdhury22 dager siden
  • Philocybe Fodensis

    Strummer1980Strummer198022 dager siden
  • Happy Birthday phill

    Renardo MaxwellRenardo Maxwell22 dager siden
  • City to pep :" by any chance can we make a messi out of foden " Pep : that's what I've been working 10 hard years for 💪💯💙

    Chris ModesteChris Modeste22 dager siden
  • great content BT, this and the mason interview. Rio and Joe are awesome too

    George StuartGeorge Stuart22 dager siden
  • Didn’t pep say Messi is the best player he trained though. Also Kimmich was the one pep praised more and made him into a beast rather than Lewandowski.

    Perfect ChampionsPerfect Champions22 dager siden
  • 💙😍🤩🏆

    testes22 dager siden
  • Phil foden could become England’s greatest ever midfielder no 🧢

    Archie ClarkArchie Clark22 dager siden
  • he will win at least 2 balloon d'ior. he is a pakage with all quality. stamina, speed, football brain, fit body, and with magic performance like messi

    Jobayer HasanJobayer Hasan22 dager siden
  • I'm a Chelsea fan but I'm legit scared this guys gunna turn up tomorrow and spoil our party. Brilliant talent, great for the prem and England, but for Chelsea... let's hope he has an off day ;) lol

    Sam FreemanSam Freeman22 dager siden
  • Why would they let Ferdinand in inside our territory? He's underestimating City. He may be a pundit but he still a United fan.

    Edmund ZouEdmund Zou22 dager siden
  • I am a United fan and think this lad is a fantastic player. Thank god he's English. These younger English lads are looking good

    MColMCol22 dager siden
  • I always close my eyes and hear Aitch talking whenever Phil is interviewed 😂

    MrDanroberts09MrDanroberts0922 dager siden
  • My love for ViniJr in RealMadrid and Foden in ManCity is super cool cat.

    6kyl4rk6kyl4rk22 dager siden
  • Foddles

    Jason GenovaweightJason Genovaweight22 dager siden
  • I really hope Phil goes on to become another Messi the best player in the world and I think he can. Its about time England produced a talent the world admires

    OblivionGateOblivionGate22 dager siden

    marcus :aomarcus :ao22 dager siden
    • Yup hopefully that means we can see him become a mainstay in midfield soon

      FreeMindZoneFreeMindZone22 dager siden
  • Man City vs UEFA VARcical Decisions loading 👹

    Human Beings R Thinking BeingsHuman Beings R Thinking Beings22 dager siden
  • Romeo Lavia coming up next Maybe Delap too Pep formenting English Base

    Human Beings R Thinking BeingsHuman Beings R Thinking Beings22 dager siden
  • BTW, Its Phil's brithday

    Yusuf IYusuf I22 dager siden
  • Calm people.. we Said the same for Oxlade-Chamberlain Jesus and many more. Let's just wait n see.

    Shivam AgarwalShivam Agarwal22 dager siden
  • Watching from Uganda.just pray for phil .he such a talented and young player.

    Kasirye IbrahsKasirye Ibrahs22 dager siden
  • The most naturally gifted English player around today. His Messi-like ball controls/dribbles in tight areas, is a pleasure to watch. Plays like he heralds from Argentina or Spain, but comes from Stockport lol.

    john pacinojohn pacino22 dager siden
    • @Raheemy42 SHUTUP BArka dooog

      Vincent CastroVincent Castro21 dag siden
    • Am Madrid fan but tbh he's just another overhyped English player he's nowhere even near Messi...... 🥴

      Parthav NairParthav Nair21 dag siden
    • @Raheemy42 lmao deluded barca fan always lack comprehension

      Azn VermilionAzn Vermilion21 dag siden
    • @Raheemy42 whatever

      Ben McDonoughBen McDonough22 dager siden
    • @Ben McDonough shut up. No one dribbles like Messi, deluded English fan

      Raheemy42Raheemy4222 dager siden
  • Foden is world class. Not just as an English player but overall. Hopefully he keeps his development going.

    Obitrice For lifeObitrice For life22 dager siden
  • Even the sky isn't his limit Top player

    Romarick RomarickRomarick Romarick22 dager siden
  • I love when they interview these footballermen. So intersectional and nuanced, and they make beautiful use of the language. "That's really nice... so that's really nice to see". Pure poetry.

    Abraham DraperAbraham Draper22 dager siden
  • Foden has that haircut any parent would want!

    Andy kingzaAndy kingza22 dager siden
  • Foden is turning me blue

    Ukie TheOverlordUkie TheOverlord22 dager siden
  • Fantastic player.

    AkemaAkema22 dager siden
  • Young Phil is what we call him in our house. Such a humble talent. Great interview Rio. Thanks.

    Seamus the TerribleSeamus the Terrible22 dager siden
  • Venga City a por la Champions!!!

  • Philip Frauden

    LordAlexYaDatBoiLordAlexYaDatBoi22 dager siden
  • Hope he keep the focus on football and stay consistent. Lot of young footballer rated highly then end up no where

    Day FeedDay Feed22 dager siden
  • When pep said he was the best young talent he has ever seen everyone thought pep was crazy. Pep is a football genius!

    Crossley RyanCrossley Ryan22 dager siden
  • 8:12 Come on Phil! For once let's take it to these other countries and show them who's boss. Sick of going out with a wimper in these tournamants; it's time for revenge, I don't want us to just beat them, I want us to CRUSH them! LET'S GO!!!

    Times&SpacesTimes&Spaces22 dager siden
  • City need to buy some new chairs. Not like they can't afford them. That squeaking.

    William HorraxWilliam Horrax22 dager siden
  • Class from Foden, definitely a SUPERSTAR in the making 🙌🏾... Chelsea fan!

    Sibusiso Enock CebekhuluSibusiso Enock Cebekhulu22 dager siden
  • Foden is little bale

    funvids sirfunvids sir22 dager siden
  • One of the few English players who are not overhyped. What a player 👏

    Andy FFCAndy FFC22 dager siden
  • Rios such a good pundit

    Riley EdwardsRiley Edwards22 dager siden
  • Foden at 21 has replaced Sterling in the peak age of his career

    CLIPPEDCLIPPED22 dager siden
    • Sterling’s like 25/26. Peak age is 28/29

      0 00 022 dager siden
  • Phil is the only English player who was supposed to be born in Spain, the way he moves and turns with the ball resembles david silva in so many ways . Once silva and sane left , that really opened up room for his development and im so proud to see him flourish . he has kept big name players out the team this season , watching him score in the u17 world cup final given player of the tournament to now leading his boyhood club into our first CL final is honestly a dream come true for any blue rn . Go on Phil ,

    mcLOVINmcLOVIN22 dager siden
    • sancho > foden

      Ceesay MUFCCeesay MUFC18 dager siden
    • @Jainal Miraz very true, plays similar to messi close ball control quick turns and stuff but of course no one is messi, even pep said he has 2nd most potential and he trained trained messi,

      Sudais KSudais K22 dager siden
    • @Sudais K bro I swear, he is so much like messi. its actually ridiculous. he is obviously nowhere near the man messi, but his feints his cutting inside reminds me so much of a 19 year old messi.

      Jainal MirazJainal Miraz22 dager siden
    • Maybe he was born in spain and moved to uk when a baby😂😂 what a player he is tho future top 2 itw hopefully

      Sudais KSudais K22 dager siden
    • Don't forget Sancho. Dortmund recalled him in the group stage of the U17 World Cup because he was that good. Sancho, Foden and Bellingham are elite talents; I hope they all play this summer.

      AJ FraserAJ Fraser22 dager siden