Joe Cole Meets Mason Mount | Reaching the UCL final, becoming a key player, and his Blues journey

As Saturday's all-English Champions League final gets closer, Former Chelsea midfielder and BT Sport pundit Joe Cole catches up with current Blues star Mason Mount to preview the clash in Porto. They talk about Chelsea's strong end to the season, coming through the academy, and becoming a key member of Thomas Tuchel's squad.

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  • him and foden get along and understand each others game. no egos. unlike the so called golden generation. These current young players have more winners mentality

    Siril SunilSiril Sunil11 dager siden
  • top lads

    Siya Collin HallomSiya Collin Hallom13 dager siden
  • I think Mount's football is similar to J. Cole's back in the day.

    Utibe YoungUtibe Young14 dager siden
  • Mason is a nice guy. He will fulfill his potential

    Musa SidibehMusa Sidibeh15 dager siden
  • I speak to the boys make sure they calm , future captain there

    iykee idiykee id15 dager siden
  • Top notch players !!!Joe Cole always put me on the edge of seat watching him, he is a live wire. Mason is a live wire and we are happy to have him at Chelsea FC

    Think MuseumsThink Museums16 dager siden
  • My best legend ever

    Hussain KruballyHussain Krubally17 dager siden
  • 🙌🏻

    Hasti AmiriHasti Amiri17 dager siden
  • So great to see Chelsea's legend speak to Chelsea's would be legend 💙

    Siddhartha YadavSiddhartha Yadav18 dager siden
  • I wish to see Mason becomes the next generation of Chelsea skipper.

    Cathy SCathy S18 dager siden
  • I loved Joe Cole. He wasn't the most talented, most skillful, scoring many goals. But he was always the most hungry and dedicated, ready to die on the pitch for Chelsea.

    Josef RichterJosef Richter19 dager siden
    • Joe was definitely one of the most skillful, what derrrr

      jbanoljbanol16 dager siden
  • So pulisic was playing with mount at Chelsea under 6 wow what a miracle for Chelsea academy

    Dandi mikeDandi mike19 dager siden
    • @Cathy S I know he is from dortmund academy but I saw his picture with mount playing for Chelsea under 6 that's what makes me confused

      Dandi mikeDandi mike18 dager siden
    • Pulisic was not from Chelsea academy.

      Cathy SCathy S18 dager siden
  • Best player

    Gaming PlayGaming Play19 dager siden
  • We are the chaaaaampiooooonnssss 😁🤣😁🤣😁🤣😁🤣

    Relek GuyRelek Guy19 dager siden
  • JCole Drogba, Lampard, John Terry, Czech, Ashley Cole and tte other should now come to the Bridge and give speech to the lads to fire them up for the next season..

    Ahmed AliAhmed Ali20 dager siden
  • Think about it - we got world class, top mentality boys like Mason and Reece for another decade! That's a core of a team ready to compete for any trophies in foreseeable future and there's quite a few prospects left

    Michal CieraszewskiMichal Cieraszewski21 dag siden
  • Who's watching after the champions league win🖐️🖐️

    Hussein AdanHussein Adan21 dag siden

    Praneesha AdhikariPraneesha Adhikari21 dag siden
  • He will go far because he is humble

    Anta RosetyadewiAnta Rosetyadewi21 dag siden
  • He is a champions league winner.

    Ramarathnam ChandrasekaranRamarathnam Chandrasekaran21 dag siden
  • Who is here after we won the final?

    Anubhav PandeyAnubhav Pandey21 dag siden
  • I am Soo nervous I am literally shaking can’t wait for the final

    AbdiAbdi21 dag siden
  • I’m United fan, and I can’t help but support any team that has many academy players in their first line up.

    TruthTruth21 dag siden
    • cheers

      Rathurshan RajeekaranRathurshan Rajeekaran8 dager siden
  • Mason been interviewed by his former coach

    zhr majitzhr majit21 dag siden
  • Kinda wanted rio to interview him

    Yahya hashashYahya hashash21 dag siden
  • This guy's mentality is top class. He can evolve into any kind of player he wants to be. A joy to watch and proper Chels'.

    Dave BrazierDave Brazier22 dager siden
  • Joe Cole used to be my fav player and he’s defo one of my fav pundits from a Chelsea point of view, he’s just blue through and through

    oun7esoun7es22 dager siden
  • Has city got no legends or what? I saw Rio do the interview for city and he is a united legend instead

    Romarick RomarickRomarick Romarick22 dager siden
    • @Peep I c

      Romarick RomarickRomarick Romarick21 dag siden
    • it just happened that cole is the one interviewing Mount, i dont think there's any city legends or ex city players whom are working for bt as of now

      PeepPeep21 dag siden
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    • Most intelligent words I've heard.

      Michael DavidMichael David22 dager siden
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      Evelyn JuliaEvelyn Julia22 dager siden
  • If his finished is more clinical he will be a complete player, but he has everything in his game on and off the pitch

    Robert TitchenerRobert Titchener22 dager siden
  • This boy actually creating a very good vibe in the squad now.....and remember... he's from an academy 🤯

    onamionami22 dager siden
    • facts

      Rathurshan RajeekaranRathurshan Rajeekaran8 dager siden
  • I think the "overated" status for English talent now are not relevant anymore......Foden and Mount reach UCL final besides of Mbappe and Haaland 😌🤯

    onamionami22 dager siden
    • exactly

      Rathurshan RajeekaranRathurshan Rajeekaran8 dager siden
  • Money mase!!!!

    Nate SNate S22 dager siden
  • Money mase 💙💙💙

    Magic ZiyechMagic Ziyech22 dager siden
  • Slowly becoming my favorite player such a baller he will be a Chelsea legend for sure he is an inspiration

    William MhazoWilliam Mhazo22 dager siden
    • facts

      Rathurshan RajeekaranRathurshan Rajeekaran8 dager siden
  • Hopefully I’ll come back someday to this vid, seeing my comment knowing we won tomorrow

    3tby3tby22 dager siden
    • and we did woohoo

      Rathurshan RajeekaranRathurshan Rajeekaran8 dager siden
  • Sheesh

    Mr EmengMr Emeng22 dager siden
  • He’s such a baller. People will compare foden and mount but I think they’re both amazing players and absolute ballers. I feel like theyre going to be like Ronaldo and messi where people will always compare and say there’s a massive rivalry but internally they got on well

    Unsilenced ChaosUnsilenced Chaos22 dager siden
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  • One legend and a future legend, love it!! Come on lads!

    Olly CFCOlly CFC22 dager siden
  • what a great lad, very likeable and I'm not even a chelsea fan. very humble and down to earth despite all he's achieved at the tender age of 22, best of luck Mason

    M MM M22 dager siden
    • Agree. Seems like such a decent young bloke too. Not just a world class player...

      ShelsightShelsight21 dag siden
  • Like mounts hair best hair in the world

    Hyunsuk kwagHyunsuk kwag22 dager siden
  • Hopefully karma be on the side of Tuchel and Thiago tonight 😣🙏💙

    Dan danielDan daniel22 dager siden
  • City will win the UCL because United fans are supporting Chelsea

    DEEPAIN 2.0DEEPAIN 2.022 dager siden
    • United fans supported their club and still lost😂😂😂

      Agboola Elijah OlawaleAgboola Elijah Olawale20 dager siden
  • Two Great Players who have never won the UEFA Champion league talking to each other. 👍🙏👏👏👏

    Ch TrCh Tr22 dager siden
  • Let’s see how he performs on the big stage tomorrow, Mount vs Foden battle of the season

    Samsun GreenSamsun Green22 dager siden
    • Got the assist 😎

      Prosper OmiponleProsper Omiponle10 dager siden
  • Who's here after chelsea won the champions league?

    Baller. Mac AnthonyBaller. Mac Anthony22 dager siden
    • Me

      BF2 BURRITOBF2 BURRITO22 dager siden
    • Nobody?

      Legend RayquazaLegend Rayquaza22 dager siden
  • Mase is absolutely phenomenal i like everything about him 💙💙

    Dajiya HusseinDajiya Hussein22 dager siden
  • Joe cole is an absolute melt. Stealing a wage as a pundit. Bt have the worst pundits on the tv

    co lav08co lav0822 dager siden
  • When he says "we" ❤️💙

    RB NRB N22 dager siden
  • MONEY MASEEEE!🔵 Future captain, Leader, LEGEND! Bring home that CL Trophy Babyyy!

    Nathan GoodallNathan Goodall22 dager siden
  • mase better listen to joe there! COYB!!!!!!!!!

    M. FahriM. Fahri22 dager siden
  • This season, I have watched a lot more of Chelsea, and I have fallen in love with Mason. Hope they stop Manchester shiteh from winning their fake treble.

    Jamie AdamJamie Adam22 dager siden
    • haha and they did lol

      Rathurshan RajeekaranRathurshan Rajeekaran8 dager siden
  • The legend and the legend to be, how good is that. Chelsea will win this match come tomorrow

    • and we did it woohoo

      Rathurshan RajeekaranRathurshan Rajeekaran8 dager siden
  • I'm from kentish town living in two favourite players...ZIGGA ZAGGA ZIGGA ZAGGA CHELSEA CHELSEA CHELSEA CHELSEA

    mr Portsmouthmr Portsmouth22 dager siden
  • Joe Cole is a proper blue

    Mchacho RichardMchacho Richard22 dager siden
  • Mason Mount would be incredible under Klopp's tutelage at Liverpool. I reckon we could nick him for 80m+Keita.

    Lee ClaxtonLee Claxton22 dager siden
  • Mason Mount please score two goals tomorrow

    Victor OmosehVictor Omoseh22 dager siden
  • His a humble boy.... blessed u and all the best Mason....

    Baboucarr DannerBaboucarr Danner22 dager siden
  • Mount should kick the strong ball as de brune

    John JosephJohn Joseph22 dager siden
  • Imagine the scenes ,champions league trophie at age 23 ,mad!

    shush shushshush shush22 dager siden
    • @shush shush 3-2 chels

      Herr SivulaHerr Sivula21 dag siden
    • Mine 2-0city😥

      shush shushshush shush21 dag siden
    • @Herr Sivula what's your score prediction for the game?

      shush shushshush shush21 dag siden
    • @Herr Sivula haha joking bro

      shush shushshush shush21 dag siden
    • @shush shush Sym

      Herr SivulaHerr Sivula21 dag siden
  • Foden is more technically skilled, but Mount is better intellectually on the pitch and more hardworking.

    СанжикСанжик22 dager siden
    • Yep - and more mature as a young man. That means more than people realise. They’ll both be club and international stars but Mount has the old head on young shoulders and the maturity to be a future captain...

      ShelsightShelsight21 dag siden
  • Joe Cole looks different with hair

    СанжикСанжик22 dager siden
  • Chelsea are going to lose 2 cup finals this year.

    Neo DubzNeo Dubz22 dager siden
    • @Neo Dubz 😂😂😂

      Agboola Elijah OlawaleAgboola Elijah Olawale20 dager siden
    • @Shelsight lmao

      Neo DubzNeo Dubz21 dag siden
    • Your comment didn’t age well, pal...

      ShelsightShelsight21 dag siden
    • @Neo Dubz ok

      Max BoultonMax Boulton22 dager siden
    • @Max Boulton not bad thanks

      Neo DubzNeo Dubz22 dager siden
  • What a great interview. Future Chelsea captain for sure.

    Matthew DavidsMatthew Davids22 dager siden
  • J. Cole meets Mason Mount

    Andy KongoloAndy Kongolo22 dager siden
  • Georgia

    Footy Hi lightsFooty Hi lights22 dager siden
  • He seems like a lively character and I can tell he's enjoying his football. He's such a baller and fully deserved for the award

    @CFCMoi11@CFCMoi1122 dager siden
    • fr

      Rathurshan RajeekaranRathurshan Rajeekaran8 dager siden
  • coyb

    Samson Coshia JonesSamson Coshia Jones22 dager siden
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    Carletta MachelleCarletta Machelle22 dager siden
  • COYB!!!!💙

    Xavier PerchekoXavier Percheko22 dager siden
  • In a weird way he sometimes looks like Gary Neville to me

    Yakuza RageYakuza Rage22 dager siden
    • U gotta get ur eyes checked bruv 😜

      Ricky Gervais Said HiRicky Gervais Said Hi22 dager siden
  • Two of my favourite ever Chelsea players talking to each other!

    Football TherapyFootball Therapy22 dager siden
    • well said

      Rathurshan RajeekaranRathurshan Rajeekaran8 dager siden
    • He's here, he's there, he's every fokin where - JOEY COLE, JOEY COLEE

      Paddy PPaddy P21 dag siden
    • Yessss

      WKWKWKLANDWKWKWKLAND22 dager siden
    • impossible not to love them both

      kyle hillierkyle hillier22 dager siden
    • eyyy yan

      Matthew SMatthew S22 dager siden

    Yusuf IYusuf I22 dager siden
  • Needs to start every game at the Euros

    Scott JonesScott Jones22 dager siden
  • He’s better than Mbappe. Has the chance to win the UCL and Euros and outdo the flashy guy with some speed. That guy has a serious ego and Mount is so humble and much much better

    Jonny BingJonny Bing22 dager siden
    • @Jonny Bing he was in the best team too that France squad would have won without Mbappe too

      Perfect ChampionsPerfect Champions22 dager siden
    • @Perfect Champions Mbappe has only won the World Cup, let’s all be honest. The french cups were a complete given. Also my point is the wc is amazing and the number 1 trophy because of the viewage but also the rarity of it…. That’s down to luck and who is on your team. Kylian found himself in an amazing situation in one of the worst World Cup tournaments ever lol

      Jonny BingJonny Bing22 dager siden
    • Tbh Mbappe is little overrated and ego sure but mount isn’t it tbf. He’s great player but not the top top he maybe can get there who knows.

      Perfect ChampionsPerfect Champions22 dager siden
  • He definitely deserved the POTY award but if he wants to take the next step he NEEDS to become more clinical in his finishing.

    blue_pearl_22blue_pearl_2222 dager siden
    • I agree :(

      Rathurshan RajeekaranRathurshan Rajeekaran8 dager siden
  • Can't eat can't drink can't work properly. Dammit im freaking out thinking the game man

    Fitry HakimFitry Hakim22 dager siden
  • Smart young chap!...

    weak anklesweak ankles22 dager siden
  • Mason is getting better and better. Him and Phil have a very scary potential and are already world-class at this age.

    StanStan22 dager siden
    • @Holy Jebus well said

      Rathurshan RajeekaranRathurshan Rajeekaran8 dager siden
    • facts

      Rathurshan RajeekaranRathurshan Rajeekaran8 dager siden
    • Pickfords arms might grow

      Lewis WilsonLewis Wilson21 dag siden
    • @Ricky Gervais Said Hi i would say henderson is gonna be world class if he starts getting full season worth of games every year

      Holy JebusHoly Jebus22 dager siden
    • @onami They’re the best in their position but Mount and Foden do all the tracking back, pressing and those things which is a feature of the English game.

      Yohann NadarYohann Nadar22 dager siden
  • Joe Cole? How boring should’ve kept it with Rio.

    429 67429 6722 dager siden
    • @TizerisT just don’t interest me never have my preference.

      429 67429 6722 dager siden
    • How? Joe is always a good host for these things.

      TizerisTTizerisT22 dager siden
  • Both teams are incredible players and are the same chance for winnig the game. The Better head coach betwin tuchel or GUARDIOLA will won the champions league cup.

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    Lianna CicconeLianna Ciccone22 dager siden
  • Pure class.. his age and the wisdom init...🔥🔥🐐💯

    Mo atomicaMo atomica22 dager siden
  • score du match Manchester city 4 : 1 Chelsea

    termoul tahartermoul tahar22 dager siden
  • Quality interview with 2 Top player's past and present, well said Mason Top Lad👍✌️💙⚽🏆

    CFC StarCFC Star22 dager siden
  • Foden > Grealish > Mount

    Zaha THE GOATZaha THE GOAT22 dager siden
    • Mount>>>Foden

      Фанат ЧелсиФанат Челси22 dager siden
    • No no no

      Unknown j.13Unknown j.1322 dager siden
    • He’s right expect grealish not better than mount

      Michael CooperMichael Cooper22 dager siden
    • What can we expect from a zaha fa 🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂😂

      Sairam SridharanSairam Sridharan22 dager siden
  • 🥶

    Who is DeltaWho is Delta22 dager siden
  • Mason is so cuteeee......ur biggest fan Mason 🥰🥰🥰

    Aryan VermaAryan Verma22 dager siden
    • Caught in 4K mate. Down bad bruh

      Legend RayquazaLegend Rayquaza22 dager siden
    • @Baraka Mandi what happened??

      Aryan VermaAryan Verma22 dager siden
    • Cute?? 🤔............... 📸

      Baraka MandiBaraka Mandi22 dager siden
  • Just score

    Black liberalBlack liberal22 dager siden
  • Mason seems years beyond his age and sounds like such a down to earth lad really hope he goes on to fulfil his is ability and captains Chelsea buzzing for tomorrow night COYB KTBFFH

    Scottyb-CFC  94Scottyb-CFC 9422 dager siden
    • well said and we did it woohoo

      Rathurshan RajeekaranRathurshan Rajeekaran8 dager siden
  • What a wonderful player and a wonderful person. Always SMILING AND LAUGHING😊☺️😀 Might have learnt that from KANTE. 😊😁

    Shahnaz begumShahnaz begum22 dager siden
  • Real london accents, so pleasing to the ear.

    martingrannholmenmartingrannholmen22 dager siden
    • @TizerisT Thanks, then his accent has been established for us non-brits.

      martingrannholmenmartingrannholmen22 dager siden
    • @martingrannholmen He sounds like a normal guy from the Chelsea area, because he's been here since age 8. However, Portsmouth accents are not much different to London ones anyway.

      TizerisTTizerisT22 dager siden
    • @Manu Sathyan thanks for the answer.

      martingrannholmenmartingrannholmen22 dager siden
    • @martingrannholmen he's a pompie and i dont think its influenced his accent much then again south londoner have a different accent compared to the others in london

      Manu SathyanManu Sathyan22 dager siden
    • @Manu Sathyan But his accent? If he played in the Academy with other londoners his accent would be influenced no? Or does he talk with a portsmouth accent?

      martingrannholmenmartingrannholmen22 dager siden
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    Hoàng LinhHoàng Linh22 dager siden
  • Sometimes i feel we've done SO well to get Havertz, Pulisic and Mount in the same team. What a young squad that we have. We can dominate europe for years to come

    Aymaan .TAymaan .T22 dager siden
    • @onami I am talking about being a club player, Barcelona was a good club made great by Leo Messi over the span of 16 years. I want mount to stay and do the same with Chelsea. CR7 played for the top teams in different leagues. (Premier League dominant Man united, La Liga giant Real Madrid, and then Italy decade conquerer Juventus). I want Mount to take this club at the top and not to take shortcuts and join an already powerful team.

      ankit nairankit nair5 dager siden
    • facts right there

      Rathurshan RajeekaranRathurshan Rajeekaran8 dager siden
    • @muhammad sukron yes it was him

      Nyana nyana spiceNyana nyana spice18 dager siden
    • @Aymaan .T was werner the guy who ran at the left side of the pitch when mount sent through pass? that guy pulled the defender toward him, so there was a hole in city defense for havertz

      muhammad sukronmuhammad sukron19 dager siden
    • @El Jay i have faith in werner. We all should. The goal in the finals was a classic example of how his pace draws away defenders allowing other players to go through and creates opportunities. His movement and positioning has always been underrated.

      Aymaan .TAymaan .T20 dager siden
  • Hi Mason. I’m a United fan, can we swap managers please?

    Greatest AnalyserGreatest Analyser22 dager siden
  • Money Mase

    For SuperFor Super22 dager siden
  • Good to see academy lads reach the top

    LukeLuke22 dager siden
  • I'm a Chelsea fan and we all love Mount so much. A future captain and so mature for his age. He never gets injured and has unlimited stamina. What a player we've found, that too from the academy. Generational talent and our player of the year at 21 years old.

    Aymaan .TAymaan .T22 dager siden
    • well said. All credits go to Lampard for bringing him to the first team :)

      Rathurshan RajeekaranRathurshan Rajeekaran8 dager siden
    • Considering how class he is now, he is going to be insane in the future. What a player

      daahk maahkdaahk maahk22 dager siden
    • 22

      Chelsea123Chelsea12322 dager siden
  • Beat City please, we can’t let them win after our disappointing game in Gdańsk. Please

    Greatest AnalyserGreatest Analyser22 dager siden
    • and we did it woohoo

      Rathurshan RajeekaranRathurshan Rajeekaran8 dager siden
    • @Nathan Lhoni Yes. Happy to see both Manc lose.

      Nikhil ErigilaNikhil Erigila21 dag siden
    • @Nikhil Erigila thankfully they did us a favour😅😅

      Nathan LhoniNathan Lhoni21 dag siden
    • Come on chelsea. As a Liverpool fan don't want to see city win it.

      Nikhil ErigilaNikhil Erigila21 dag siden
    • I'm praying that Chelsea done one over on City honestly😭😭😭😭even if we beat Villareal I still don’t want City to win their 1st ever UCL🙅🏾‍♂️🙅🏾‍♂️Chelsea would only be 1 behind us true but I'd rather that so that City can stay as that small club with no european history like Assna😅😅

      Nathan LhoniNathan Lhoni22 dager siden